Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #297: When Legal Hope My Mind Possess'D

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The Christian

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297 (L.M.) John Kent

When legal hope my mind possess'd,

My soul could in the precept rest;

Though bound by sin, I thought me free,

And lived a boasting Pharisee.

Thus in my fond conceit I stood,

A stranger to myself and God;

My heart, a cage of birds unclean,

In every thought and act obscene.

But, glory to eternal grace,

I saw and mourned my desp'rate case:

Bound hand and foot with chains of sin,

A worthless wretch, defiled within.

I read the law, was filled with dread,

Trembling I stood, while thus it said:

"From hence, from death there's no reprieve!

Thy soul must die, or do and live."

Then naked to the cross I fled,

Where Jesus once for sinners bled,

And filled with sorrow, sin, and fear,

Was glad to take my refuge there.

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