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Hymn #306: Oh! Give Me, Lord My Sins To Mourn —

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The Christian

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306 (L.M.) Andrew Broaddus

Oh! give me, Lord my sins to mourn —

My sins, which have Thy body torn;

Give me, with broken heart, to see

Thy last tremendous agony.

Oh, could I gain the mountain's height,

And gaze upon that bleeding sight;

Oh, that, with Salem's daughters, I

Might stand and see my Saviour die!

I'd smite my breast, and weep and mourn,

And never from the cross return:

I'd weep o'er an expiring God

And mix my tears with Jesus' blood.

I'd hang upon His breast and cry,

"Lord save a soul condemn'd to die!"

"Oh, let a wretch come near Thy throne,

To plead the merits of Thy Son."

Father of mercies, drop Thy frown,

And let me shelter in Thy Son;

Oh, with my earnest suit comply,

And give me Jesus, or I die.

O Lord! deny me what Thou wilt;

Only relieve me of my guilt.

Good Lord, in mercy hear me cry,

And give me Jesus, or I die.

Show pity, Lord, and send relief

To a poor sinner drowned in grief,

Who has no plea to bring him nigh:

Lord, save a soul condemned to die!

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