Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #309: I Have Sought Round This Verdant Earth For Unfading Joy

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The Christian

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309 (P.M.) Anne Steele

I have sought round this verdant earth for unfading joy;

I have tried every source for mirth, but all, all will cloy;

Lord, bestow on me grace to set my spirit free;

Thine the praise shall be; mine, mine the joy.

I have wandered in mazes dark, of doubt and distress;

I have not had a kindly spark my spirit to bless;

Cheerless unbelief filled my lab'ring soul with grief;

What shall give relief? What shall give peace?

I was brought to Thy gospel, Lord, from folly away;

Made to trust in Thy holy word, which taught me to pray;

Here I found release, here my wearied soul found peace,

Hopes of endless bliss, eternal day.

I'm a stranger and pilgrim here in this world of woe,

But I find my Redeemer near, as onward I go;

Jesus is my friend, he'll be with me to the end,

And from foes defend my path below.

I have heard my Redeemer say, "My promise is sure;

I have taught thee to watch and pray, all hardness endure."

Jesus be my guide, in Thy promise I'll confide;

Keep me near Thy side, my life, my way.

I will praise Thee, my heav'nly King, I'll praise and adore,

My poor heart's richest tribute bring to Thee, God of pow'r;

And in Heav'n above, saved by Thy redeeming love,

Loud the strains shall move forever more.

Hallelujahs through heav'n will ring, salvation the theme;

Glory, honor, and praise we'll sing to God and the Lamb.

Crowns of glory wear, palms of vict'ry we shall bear;

Shouts of triumph there never shall end.

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