Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #313: It Is A Glorious Mystery — Wonder, Wonder, Wonder

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The Christian

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313 (P.M.)

It is a glorious mystery — wonder, wonder, wonder!

That ever I should saved be — wonder, &c.

No heart can think, no tongue can tell — wonder, &c.

The love of God unspeakable — wonder, &c.

Great mystery, that God should place

His love on one of Adam's race,

That I should also share a part,

And find a mansion in His heart.

Great mystery, I can't tell why

That Christ for sinful worms should die;

Should leave the boundless realms of bliss,

And die for sinners on the cross.

Oh! Why was I not left behind,

Among the thousands of mankind,

Who run the dang'rous sinful race,

And die, and never taste His grace?

'Twas love that spread the gracious feast;

'Twas love that made my soul a guest;

'Twas love that brought Him from above;

'Twas love, Oh! Matchless, boundless love.

Not all the heav'nly hosts can scan

The glories of this noble plan;

Oh! 'Tis a glorious mystery,

And will be to eternity.

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