Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #316: Does The Gospel-Word Proclaim

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Reliance and Devotion

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316 ( John Newton

Does the gospel-word proclaim

Rest for those who weary be?

Then, my soul, put in thy claim;

Sure, that promise speaks to thee.

Marks of grace I cannot show;

All polluted is my breast;

Yet I weary am, I know,

And the weary long for rest.

Burdened with a load of sin;

Harassed with tormenting doubt;

Hourly conflicts from within;

Hourly crosses from without;

All my little strength is gone;

Sink I must without supply;

Sure upon the earth there's none

Can be wearier than I!

In the ark the weary dove

Found a welcome resting-place;

Thus my spirit longs to prove

Rest in Christ, the Ark of grace.

Tempest-tossed I long have been,

And the flood increases fast;

Open, Lord, and take me in,

'Til the storm be overpast.

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