Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #319: Jesus, At Thy Command

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Reliance and Devotion

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319 (H.M.) Augustus Toplady

Jesus, at Thy command,

I launch into the deep;

And leave my native land,

Where sin lulls all asleep;

For Thee I would the world resign,

And sail to heav'n with Thee and Thine.

Thou art my Pilot wise;

My compass is Thy word;

My soul each storm defies

While I have such a Lord!

I trust Thy faithfulness and pow'r

To save me in the trying hour.

Though rocks and quicksands deep

Through all my passage lie,

Yet Christ will safely keep

And guide me with His eye;

My anchor, hope, shall firm abide,

And I each boist'rous storm outride.

By faith I see the land,

The port of endless rest;

My soul, thy sails expand,

And fly to Jesus' breast!

Oh, may I reach the heav'nly shore,

Where winds and waves distress no more!

Whene'er becalmed I lie,

And storms forbear to toss;

Be Thou, dear Lord, still nigh,

Lest I should suffer loss:

For more the treach'rous calm I dread,

Than tempest bursting o'er my head.

Come, Holy Ghost, and blow

A prosp'rous gale of grace,

Waft me from all below

To heav'n, my destined place!

Then in full sail my port I'll find,

And leave the world and sin behind.

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