Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #328: While I Am Blest With Youthful Bloom

Hymn #327 Hymn #329

Reliance and Devotion

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328 (C.P.M.) Henry Alline

While I am blest with youthful bloom,

I will adore the sacred Lamb

Who bled and died for me;

If God inspires my heart with grace,

And lets me see His shining face,

A pilgrim I will be.

I'll leave this world with all its toys,

And seek those far superior joys,

That do in Jesus dwell;

If Jesus be my God and king,

Immortal triumph I will sing,

O'er all the pow'rs of hell.

A frowning world I will defy,

And all those flatt'ring charms deny,

If Jesus stands my friend:

Not long I have this storm to stand

On this ensnaring barren land;

My conflict soon will end.

Jesus, my Friend, my cause will plead,

Conduct my steps, supply my need,

And never let me fall;

Jesus will all my foes destroy —

Will be my life, my strength, my joy:

Jesus is all in all.

With joy I'll spend my fleeting days

Sounding abroad His heav'nly praise,

Telling the world His love;

And when I quit this mortal stage,

I shall in sacred strains engage

Among the saints above.

Where I shall with my Jesus dwell

In joys beyond what tongue can tell

On that immortal shore,

Jesus, my Love, shall be my joy,

His praises be my sweet employ,

And part from Him no more.

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