Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #333: I Need Thee, Precious Jesus

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Reliance and Devotion

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333 ( Frederick Whitfield

I need Thee, precious Jesus,

For I am full of sin;

My soul is dark and guilty,

My heart is dead within.

I need the cleansing fountain,

Where I can always flee —

The blood of Christ most precious,

The sinner's only plea.

I need Thee, precious Jesus,

For I am very poor;

A stranger and a pilgrim,

I have no earthly store.

I need the love of Jesus

To cheer me on my way;

To guide my doubting footsteps;

To be my strength and stay.

I need Thee, precious Jesus;

I need a friend like Thee;

A friend to soothe and pity;

A friend to care for me.

I need the heart of Jesus,

To feel each anxious care,

To tell my ev'ry trouble,

And all my sorrows share.

I need Thee, precious Jesus,

For I am very blind;

A weak and foolish wand'rer,

With dark and evil mind.

I need Thy cheering presence,

To tread the thorny road;

To guide me safe to glory;

To bring me home to God.

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