Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #334: Where Must A Weary Sinner Go

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Reliance and Devotion

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334 (C.M.)

Where must a weary sinner go,

But to the sinners' friend?

He only can relieve my woe,

And bid my sorrows end.


Oh, let me mount and soar away,

I'll lay my armor down;

To that bright world of endless day,

I'll lay my armor down.

Thou art, O Lord, my resting-place;

The promised land I see,

And long to live upon Thy grace,

And lose myself in Thee.

A glimpse of Thee, and Thy sweet store,

Thou dost to me impart;

But kindly show me more and more,

'Til Thou dost fill my heart.

The wilderness I cannot bear,

So far from Thee to stand;

Nor yet from Pisgah's top to stare,

Upon the promised land.

I want to eat and drink my fill

Of Canaan's milk and wine;

Let Moses die upon the hill,

And I be wholly Thine.

'Tis self, that legal thing and base,

Which keeps me from my rest;

Me from myself let Christ release,

And soon I shall be blest.

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