Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #338: Thou Only Sov'Reign Of My Heart

Hymn #337 Hymn #339

Reliance and Devotion

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338 (L.M.) Anne Steele

Thou only sov'reign of my heart,

My refuge, my Almighty Friend,

And can my soul from Thee depart,

On whom alone my hopes depend?

Whither, ah! whither shall I go,

A wretched wand'rer from my Lord?

Can this dark world of sin and woe

One glimpse of happiness afford?

Eternal life Thy words impart;

On these my fainting spirit lives;

Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart

Than all the round of nature gives.

Let earth's alluring joys combine,

While Thou art near, in vain they call;

One smile, one blissful smile of Thine,

My dearest Lord, outweighs them all.

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