Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #340: Jesus, My Saviour And My God

Hymn #339 Hymn #341

Reliance and Devotion

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340 (L.M.) Samuel Stennett

Jesus, my Saviour and my God,

Thou hast redeemed me with Thy blood;

By ties, both nat'ral and divine,

I am and ever will be Thine.

But ah! should my inconstant heart,

Ere I'm aware, from Thee depart,

What dire reproach would fall on me

For such ingratitude to Thee!

The thought I dread, the crime I hate;

The guilt, the shame, I deprecate:

And yet, so mighty are my foes,

I dare not trust my warmest vows.

Pity my frailty, dearest Lord!

Grace in the needful hour afford!

Oh, steel this tim'rous heart of mine

With fortitude and love divine.

So shall I triumph o'er my fears,

And gather joys from all my tears;

So shall I to the world proclaim

The honors of the Christian name.

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