Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #346: Bereft Of All, When Hopeless Care

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Reliance and Devotion

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346 (C.M.) William Drummond

Bereft of all, when hopeless care

Would sink us to the tomb,

Oh, what can save us from despair?

What dissipate the gloom?

No balm that earthly plants distill

Can soothe the mourner's smart;

No mortal hand with lenient skill

Bind up the broken heart.

But One alone, who reigns above,

Our woe to joy can turn,

And light the lamp of joy and love

That long has ceased to burn.

Then, O my soul, to Jesus flee,

To Him thy woes reveal;

His eye alone thy wounds can see,

His hand alone can heal.

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