Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #355: When Overwhelmed With Doubts And Fear

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Reliance and Devotion

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355 (L.M.) John Kent

When overwhelmed with doubts and fear,

Great God, do Thou my spirit cheer,

Let not mine eyes with tears be fed,

But to the Rock of Ages led.

When storms of sin and sorrow beat,

Lead me to this divine retreat;

Thy perfect righteousness and blood,

My Rock, my Fortress, and my God.

When guilt lies heavy on my soul,

And waves of fierce temptation roll,

I'll to this Rock for shelter flee,

And take my refuge, Lord, in Thee.

When sick, or faint or sore dismayed,

Then let my hope on Thee be stayed;

Thy summit, rising to the skies

Shall shield my head when dangers rise.

Sheltered by Thine omnipotence,

What potent arm shall pluck me hence?

On ev'ry side I'm guarded well

With love and grace immutable.

High as my sin, yea, higher too,

This everlasting Rock I view;

Replete with free eternal grace,

Made, from of old, my dwelling place.

When called the vale of death to tread,

Then to this Rock may I be led;

Nor fear to cross that gloomy sea,

Since Thou hast tasted death for me.

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