Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #357: O Zion, Afflicted With Wave Upon Wave

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Reliance and Devotion

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357 ( James Grant

O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave,

Whom no man can comfort, whom no man can save;

With darkness surrounded, by terrors dismayed,

In toiling and rowing thy strength is decayed.

Loud roaring the billows now nigh overwhelm,

But skillful's the Pilot that sits at the helm;

His wisdom conducts thee, His pow'r thee defends,

In safety and quiet thy warfare He ends.

"O fearful! O faithless!" in mercy He cries,

"My promise, My truth, are they small in thine eyes?

Still, still I am with thee, My promise shall stand,

Through tempests and tossings, I'll bring thee to land.

"Forget thee, I will not, I cannot — thy name

Engraved on My heart doth for ever remain!

The palms of My hands, whilst I look on, I see

The wounds I received when I suffered for thee.

"Then trust Me, and fear not: thy life is secure;

My wisdom is perfect, supreme is My power.

In love I correct thee, thy soul to refine,

And cause thee at length in My likeness to shine."

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