Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #36: Be Joyful In God, All Ye Lands Of The Earth

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Glories of God

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36 ( James Montgomery

Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth,

Oh, serve Him with gladness and fear:

Exult in His presence with music and mirth,

With love and devotion draw near.

Jehovah is God, and Jehovah alone,

Creator and Ruler o'er all;

And we are His people, His scepter we own,

His sheep, and we follow His call.

Oh, enter His gates with thanksgiving and song!

Your vows in His temple proclaim;

His praise with melodious accordance prolong,

And bless His adorable name.

For good is the Lord, inexpressibly good,

And we are the work of His hand;

His mercy and truth from eternity stood,

And shall to eternity stand.

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