Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #375: Constrained By Their Lord To Embark

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Reliance and Devotion

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375 ( John Newton

Constrained by their Lord to embark,

And venture without Him to sea;

The season tempestuous and dark,

How grieved the disciples must be!

But though He remained on the shore,

He spent the night for them in pray'r,

They still were as safe as before,

And equally under His care.

They strove, though in vain for awhile,

The force of the waves to withstand;

But when they were wearied with toil,

They saw their dear Saviour at hand:

They gladly received Him on board,

His presence their spirits revived;

The sea became calm at His word,

And soon at their port they arrived.

We, like the disciples are tossed,

By storms on the perilous deep;

But cannot be possibly lost,

For Jesus has charge of the ship:

Though billows and winds are enraged,

And threaten to make us their sport;

This pilot His word has engaged,

To bring us in safety to port.

If sometimes we struggle alone,

And He is withdrawn from our view;

It makes us more willing to own

We nothing without Him can do:

Then Satan our hopes would assail,

But Jesus is still within call;

And when our poor efforts quite fail,

He comes in good time, and does all.

Yet Lord, we are ready to shrink,

Unless we Thy presence perceive;

"O, save us!" we cry, "or we sink,"

We would but we cannot believe:

The night has been long, and severe,

The winds and the seas are still high,

Dear Saviour, this moment appear,

And say to our souls, "It is I!"

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