Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #391: Jesus My God Is All To Me

Hymn #390 Hymn #392

Reliance and Devotion

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391 (L.M.) Isaac Vanmeter

Jesus my God is all to me

That heart could wish, or eyes could see,

Or wants demand, or faith believe,

Or such a needy soul receive.

An ocean of undying love

Flows through this channel from above;

Infinite Wisdom, pow'r and grace

Unite and shine in Jesus' face.

All that I need while here below,

And in the world to which I go,

I find in Him in rich supply,

Nor can this fountain ever dry.

A robe of spotless righteousness

He gives me for my wedding dress,

And at the marriage-feast I see,

Love's banner waving over me.

Here marrow, fatness, bread, and wine

Are spread for this poor soul of mine,

And as I feast — O boundless bliss! —

My Saviour whispers I am His!

My Husband and my Lord is He,

A Prophet, Priest and King to me;

My Rock, my Tower, my retreat —

I rest secure at Jesus' feet.

But, oh, what rapture fills my breast

When I in His embrace can rest!

And see those smiles of love divine,

And hear Him say that He is mine!

In Him I have a boundless store

Of all I need, forevermore,

And when in Him this store I see,

Jesus is all in all to me!

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