Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #393: Jesus Heals The Broken-Hearted

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The Gospel

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393 ( John Kent

Jesus heals the broken-hearted;

Oh, how sweet that sound to me!

Once beneath my sin He smarted,

Groaned, and bled to set me free.

By His suff'rings, death, and merits;

By His Godhead, blood, and pain;

Broken hearts and wounded spirits,

Are at once made whole again.

Broken by the law's loud thunder,

To the cross for refuge flee!

O'er His pungent sorrows ponder,

'Tis His stripes heal even thee.

Oil and wine to heal and cherish,

Jesus still to Israel gives;

Nor shall e'er a sinner perish,

Who in His dear name believes.

In His righteousness confiding,

Sheltered safe beneath His wing;

Here they find a sure abiding,

And of cov'nant mercy sing.

Seek, my soul, no other healing,

But in Jesus' balmy blood;

He, beneath the Spirit's sealing,

Stands thy great High Priest with God.

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