Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #396: Jesus The Sum And Substance Is

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The Gospel

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396 (C.M.) John Kent

Jesus the sum and substance is

Of all the gospel scheme;

In Him salvation, all of grace,

Shines with refulgent beam.

Jehovah's counsels and decrees

Before the world begun,

With all the gospel promises,

Respect His only Son.

Prophetic lore declared His birth,

His mission, and His name,

Ages before to this our earth

The Friend of Sinners came.

Favored Isaiah heard Him groan,

Saw justice smite His head,

Oppressed with sins, but not His own,

And to the slaughter led.

His own great sacrifice complete

Hath made His Israel free;

The paschal Lamb by faith they eat,

And their deliv'rance see.

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