Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #407: Inquiring Souls, Who Long To Find

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The Gospel

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407 (L.M.) John Cennick

Inquiring souls, who long to find

Pardon of sin and peace of mind,

Attend the voice of God today,

Who bids you seek the good old Way.

The righteousness, th'atoning blood

Of Jesus, is the Way to God;

Oh, may you then no longer stray,

But walk in Christ, the good old Way.

The prophets, and apostles too,

Pursued this Way while here below;

Then let not fear your souls dismay,

But come to Christ, the good old Way.

With cautious zeal and holy care,

In this dear Way I'll persevere;

Nor doubt to meet another day,

Where Jesus is, the good old Way.

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