Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #414: While In The Vale Of Vision, Dead

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The Gospel

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414 (C.M.) John Kent

While in the vale of vision, dead,

The house of Israel lie,

Jehovah to the prophet said,

"Go thou, and prophesy.

"Go thou, nor reas'ning scruples make

Because the bones are dry;

My voice shall bid the dead awake:

Go thou, and prophesy.

"I'll bid the dying sinner live,

To lift my name on high;

Eternal life is mine to give:

Go thou, and prophesy.

"Preach Jesus in the sinners' view,

And thither point their eye;

'Tis I must give to will and do:

Go thou, and prophesy.

"From stones, to celebrate my grace,

While mercy's tidings fly,

My arm shall raise a numerous race:

Go thou, and prophesy."

Let Zion's watchmen ne'er refrain

Her silver trump to blow;

For Jesus can, with feeblest strain,

His richest grace bestow.

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