Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #416: The Lord Of Glory Came To Earth

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The Gospel

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416 (C.M.) F. P. Branscome

The Lord of glory came to earth

To set His people free;

He makes them heirs by heav'nly birth:

Oh, did He come for me?

When here He lived, and bled and died,

And groaned upon the tree,

To save, redeem, and clothe His bride:

Oh, did He come for me?

Then He was laid within the tomb,

As God designed should be;

But He arose up from that gloom:

Oh, did He rise for me?

I know He'll come to raise the dead.

When all His saints shall see

The glory of their living Head,

Oh, will He come for me?

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