Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #417: On Sion, His Most Holy Mount

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The Gospel

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417 (C.M.) Thomas Gibbons

On Sion, His most holy mount,

God will a feast prepare,

And Israel's sons and Gentile lands

Shall in the banquet share.

Marrow and fatness are the food

His bounteous hand bestows;

Wine on the lees, and well refined,

In rich abundance flows.

See to the vilest of the vile

A free acceptance giv'n;

See rebels, by redeeming grace,

Sit with the heirs of heav'n!

The pained, the sick, the dying, now

To ease and health restored,

With eager appetites partake

The plenties of the board.

But oh! what draughts of bliss unknown,

What dainties shall be giv'n,

When, with the myriads 'round the throne,

We join the feast of heav'n!

There joys immeasurably high

Shall overflow the soul,

And springs of life that never dry

In thousand channels roll.

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