Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #421: Great Source Of All Th'Eternal Grace

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The Gospel

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421 (L.M.) John Kent

Great source of all th'eternal grace,

That saints shall know, or seraphs trace;

Thee we'll attempt in songs of praise,

For acts of grace in ancient days.

Long ere the day that Adam fell,

The cov'nant stood in all things well;

Grace had secured in Jesus then

Millions untold of chosen men!

By grace their names were all enrolled

As chosen sheep within His fold:

And grace secures their standing there,

In lines of love divinely fair.

By grace their crimes were all removed,

When Jesus bled for those He loved:

That awful, black, infernal score,

Was paid by Him, and is no more.

'Twas all of grace from first to last,

The deed was done, the pardon passed;

Secure in Christ were all its heirs,

The curse was His; remission theirs,

Great God of grace! forgive the lays

That fall so far beneath Thy praise;

By grace we hope to sing, ere long,

Eternal love in sweeter song.

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