Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #426: Hear The Royal Proclamation

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The Gospel

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426 (P.M.)

Hear the royal proclamation,

The glad tidings of salvation,

Publishing to ev'ry creature,

To the ruined sons of nature:


Jesus reigns! He reigns victorious,

Over heav'n and earth most glorious,

Jesus reigns!

See the royal banner flying,

Hear the heralds loudly crying:

Mourning souls, here's grace forever,

Now revealed in Christ the Saviour:

Hear, ye sons of grief and sorrow,

With your weight of guilt and terror,

Here is life and free salvation

Publishèd to ev'ry nation:

For His people Jesus dièd,

And for them was crucifièd,

Conquered death, and rose to heaven —

Life eternal in Him's given:

Christ can cleanse, and make you holy,

Save you from your sins and folly;

Make you live and rest forever

With a gracious God and Saviour:

Here is wine, and milk, and honey,

Endless riches without money;

Mercy like a flowing fountain,

Streaming from the holy mountain:

For this love, let rocks and mountains,

Purling streams, and crystal fountains,

Roaring thunders, lightning blazes,

Speak the great Messiah's praises:

Souls renewed, of ev'ry nation,

To the bounds of the creation

Sing the praise of Judah's Lion,

The Almighty King of Zion:

Sing, ye saints, make joyful mention,

Christ is our complete redemption;

May we sing the joyful story

In the higher worlds of glory:

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