Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #436: The Heralds Of Jesus, Commissioned By God

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The Gospel

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436 ( John Kent

The heralds of Jesus, commissioned by God,

A finished salvation proclaimed in His blood,

From wrath everlasting, death, hell, and the law,

And this is the blast that these heralds shall blow.

Creeds, feelings, and frames to commend us to God,

Shall never be named; 'tis salvation by blood.

'Twas planned by Jehovah in council above,

And founded in grace and immutable love.

Then haste as lost sinners, nor cherish your fears,

Salvation's in Jesus, the gospel declares;

It comes from Jehovah — for sinners, 'tis free! —

He Jesus appointed their ransom to be.

Hear, ye who are toiling for life at the law:

The trump of the gospel now bids you withdraw.

From thence there's no hope of salvation for you;

Its heart-rending thunder cries, "Give me my due!"

Thus fraught with all vengeance, Mount Sinai still roars;

In breaking a tittle, damnation is yours,

But Christ is a refuge from death, hell, and sin,

And law-wrecked poor sinners are welcome therein.

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