Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #440: Behold The Mount Of Zion

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The Church

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440 ( Isaac Vanmeter

Behold the mount of Zion,

The city of our God!

The beauty of creation,

And place of His abode.

Christ is the great foundation

On which the building stands;

He rear'd for His own glory

This temple, without hands.

Through everlasting ages

This house shall stand secure;

The Lord for it engages

His wisdom, love, and pow'r;

Nor shall the hosts of Satan

Against it e'er prevail,

Though kingdoms be demolished,

And heav'n and earth should fail.

The Rock on which it's founded

Will last without decay;

With walls it is surrounded,

Which guard it ev'ry way.

Each stone is wisely polish'd;

And fitted to its place;

And all are well cemented

With God's redeeming grace.

Nor storms nor persecutions

Shall ever beat it down;

Nor floods of tribulation

Shall move a single stone.

With Christ they all shall triumph

O'er sin and death and hell,

And with Him in His glory

They shall forever dwell.

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