Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #441: God, Who Rules The Times And Seasons

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The Church

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441 (P.M.)

God, who rules the times and seasons,

Doubtless for the best of reasons,

Has been pleased to visit Zion,

With afflictions sore and trying.


When, oh, when will Christ the Saviour

Come, His little flock to favor?

When, oh, when?

See of late the sad declension,

Bitter strife and fierce contention;

Fi'ry zeal and persecution,

Raging like the troubled ocean.

See the proud assuming spirit,

Some among us now inherit;

Striving who shall have dominion,

Slaves to popular opinion.

See the world and church uniting

In the work of proselyting;

Wood, and hay, and stubble bringing,

To build up the gospel kingdom.

See the train of "means and measures."

Filthy lucre, worldly pleasures;

Honor, titles, wealth, and numbers,

All combined to gain more members.

See the wide-spread desolations,

Churches and associations,

Once so happily united,

Now are like a house divided.

Christian fellowship and union,

Correspondence and communion,

All are sacrificed together;

Brother scandalizing brother.

Oh! it is a day of terror;

Dark and low'ring clouds of error

Over trembling Zion hover;

Oh! when will the storm pass over?

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