Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #445: The Voice Of The Shepherd His Flock Shall Convene

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The Church

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445 ( John Kent

The voice of the Shepherd His flock shall convene,

And lead them to pastures all fertile and green,

But unto the stranger they will not draw near,

Who calls to deceive them, "Lo here, and lo there."

The blood of the Shepherd His flock did redeem;

Grace, mercy, and peace came to sinners by Him;

'Tis He who hath told them of such to beware,

Who cry like deceivers, "Lo here, and lo there."

He calls them by name, and before them He goes,

To guide, guard, and succor His lambs from their foes;

And, glory to Jesus, His church is His care,

Though oft they do halt 'twixt "Lo here, and lo there."

Those gospel pretenders the wall will leap o'er,

And enter the sheep-fold, though not by the door;

And fraught with delusion, and hardened to fear,

Shall cry in confusion, "Lo here, and lo there."

The Scriptures declare that deceivers shall come,

And thousands to final destruction shall run;

But saints by their calling shall still persevere,

While hirelings are bawling, "Lo here, and lo there."

The way to the Father is Jesus the Son,

In all that He suffered, in all that He's done;

And this shall the heralds of Jesus declare,

'Til folded in Zion His sheep shall appear.

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