Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #448: Gather My Saints Together! Speaks

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The Church

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448 (C.M.) Richard Burnham

Gather my saints together! speaks

The great Eternal Three:

Join them in bonds of sacred peace,

And let them worship Me.

Let them in flock together meet,

Together pray and praise;

Cleave to each other — cleave to Me —

And walk in all My ways.

Never forsake my dwelling place,

But love fair Zion's hill;

Feast on the things My house affords,

And all My comforts feel.

Pastor and people, all agree

To live in constant peace,

Watch for each other's mutual good,

And each, fill up His place.

Lord, we'd obey the great command,

'Tis wise, 'tis just and right —

Tends to promote the sweetest love,

And each to each unite.

Lord, may this church rise up in grace,

And in affection shine;

Prove the pure joys that ever flow

From harmony divine.

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