Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #450: When Christians Meet To Sing And Pray

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The Church

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450 (L.M.) I. T. Saunders

When Christians meet to sing and pray,

How sweet their moments pass away!

Their moments sweetly pass along

When Christ is all their theme and song.

In love they see each other's face,

And praise the God of sov'reign grace,

And try to tell the love of God

That in their hearts is shed abroad.

The Holy Spirit helps the saint

To sing and pray without restraint;

Then let the brethren often meet

To worship at Immanuel's feet.

Some proud professors may forsake

To meet with saints, and there partake

The joys which they do often find

When Jesus fills the soul and mind.

But children of the heav'nly King

Will not refuse to meet and sing

The song of Moses and the Lamb,

And try to praise the great I AM.

Their songs of praise, their joy and love,

Is not unlike to those above;

All heav'nly places are in Christ;

Then in His name let saints rejoice.

While in the flesh in prison bound,

There's no perfection to be found,

But Christ, our Husband, Friend, and King

To glory soon His saints will bring.

There in perfection all above

Do worship God, the God of Love;

Then come, dear Saviour, take us home

To meet around Thy dazzling throne.

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