Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #451: Christ, The Rock And King Of Zion

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The Church

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451 ( Wilson Thompson

Christ, the Rock and King of Zion,

Builds His household safely here.

While the waves of time are rolling,

They shall have no cause to fear.

Come, young converts, list as soldiers;

You the bounty have received.

Here's a home for weary trav'lers;

Mourning souls, look up and sing.

Of all worthiness you're empty —

These abound in Christ, our King!

Oh, then trust Him; He has blessed you —

Come, ye blest of God, come in.

Let the church of Jesus praise Him!

O ye Christians, look around;

See the walls of full salvation,

Hear the gospel trumpet sound:

I am with you, naught shall harm you;

You in glory shall be crowned.

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