Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #453: O Happy Time, Long Waited For

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The Church

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453 (C.M.)

O happy time, long waited for,

The comfort of my heart,

Since I have met the saints once more,

May we in union part.

Temptations cease to break my peace,

And all my sorrows die;

When I with you my love renew,

Oh, what a heav'n have I.

My sorrows past, and I at last

Have heav'nly comforts found,

My heart and treasure is above,

And I for heaven bound.

If fellowship with saints below

Is to our souls so sweet,

What heav'nly raptures shall we know

When round the throne we meet?

While here we sit and sing His love

With raptures so divine,

Our joys are more like theirs above,

While in their songs we join.

Our hearts are filled with holy zeal,

We long to see the King;

We long to see those heav'nly hills,

Where saints arisen sing.

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