Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #463: O Lord Of Hosts, Remember Us

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The Church

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463 (L.M.) J. Davis

O Lord of Hosts, remember us,

A little flock, in Thee we trust;

Oh, keep us safe from sin and thrall

In Christ, who for us conquered all.

Dear brethren, if we members be

Of God's belovèd family,

Joined in one body and one bread,

Complete in Christ our living Head —

If so, ye children of the Lord,

Praise ye His name with one accord;

Rejoice and sing, and praise His name,

While here as pilgrims you remain.

Lord, while we travel here below,

Keep us unspotted as we go;

Let no vain words escape our lips;

Direct our steps; prevent our slips.

Thy church, our home while here on earth,

We would not wound, reproach, or hurt;

Her sons, all of a heav'nly birth,

Have but one mind, one life, one heart.

They love to meet and sing and pray,

Though some grow cold and stay away;

We pray the Lord that such may be

From death and worldly cares set free.

O Lord, revive our hearts anew;

May we our Jesus still pursue;

Our mind and will to Thine unite,

To serve the Lord both day and night.

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