Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #466: The Church Of God, The Living God

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The Church

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466 (L.M.) Wilson Thompson

The church of God, the living God,

The stay or pillar of the truth;

Here, great Jehovah deigns to dwell,

And cheers His subjects, aged and youth.

The house of God! Oh, teach me, Lord,

How to behave in such a place!

And may my humbled soul admire,

And praise, and magnify Thy grace.

The house of God! where He resides

And spreads a table for His friends;

Where He makes known His will, and brings

All gospel truth to feed their minds.

Lord, to Thy house I would repair,

And take some humble station there

To taste Thy truth and learn Thy will,

And try Thy precepts to fulfill.

Oh, teach me, Lord, what I shall do;

My duty and my place now show.

Incline my will and heart to Thine,

And let me ne'er again repine.

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