Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #468: We Till The Earth, And Plow The Fields

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The Church

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468 (L.M.) Wilson Thompson

We till the earth, and plow the fields,

And sow the seed before it yields.

We plant the vine and trim the shoot

Before we look to gather fruit.

So God the husbandman will do,

And in His church this truth He'll show:

His Spirit plows the heart quite soft,

Then like the seed His word He sows.

From hearts renewed by grace divine,

From sowèd seeds and prunèd vine,

The Spirit's fruits He looks to see,

Nor shall He e'er mistaken be.

Thy church, O Lord, is still Thy care;

Oh, work that she much fruit may bear.

Come, plow the ground, and sow the field,

And cause the vine much fruit to yield.

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