Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #473: The Church Of God Is Fair

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The Church

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473 (S.M.)

The church of God is fair;

Her fame of old was known:

And Christ will dwell forever there

And claim her for His own.

Here His affections rest,

Nor shall from hence remove;

'Tis His delight to make her blest,

And live upon His love.

Her worthless name is found

Deep graven on His hand

In characters of grace profound

That shall forever stand.

Though oft with tempest toss'd,

Ne'er from her anchor drove;

This chosen vessel can't be lost,

Secured by cov'nant love.

Her bulwarks and her walls

Are all the promises,

Founded in potent "wills" and "shalls,"

In oaths and firm decrees.

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