Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #475: Salem'S Bright King, Jesus By Name

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475 (C.P.M.)

Salem's bright King, Jesus by name,

In ancient times to Jordan came

All righteousness to fill;

'Twas there the ancient Baptist stood,

Whose name was John, a man of God,

To do his Master's will.

The holy Jesus did demand

His right to be baptizèd then,

The Baptist gave consent;

On Jordan's banks they did appear,

The Baptist and his Master dear,

Then down the bank they went.

Down in old Jordan's rolling stream;

The Baptist led the holy Lamb,

And there did him baptize:

Jehovah saw his darling Son,

And was well pleased in what He'd done,

And owned Him from the skies.

Believing children gather 'round,

And let your joyful songs abound,

With cheerful hearts arise;

See, here is water, here is room,

A loving Saviour calling, "Come!"

O children, be baptized.

Behold, His servant waiting stands,

With willing heart and ready hands

To wait upon the Bride;

While candidates are waiting there,

Come, let us join in solemn pray'r,

Down by the waterside.

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