Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #478: With Gladness, Dear Brethren, We Meet At This Place

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With gladness, dear brethren, we meet at this place,

To speak and to hear of God's rich and free grace;

For all that are needy, afflicted and poor,

The Saviour has balsam and riches in store.

If hungry, and thirsty, and burdened with guilt,

For you the dear Saviour His blood freely spilt:

If naked and wounded, just ready to die,

He waits from His fullness your wants to supply.

On parting, my brethren, I give you my hand,

In token of friendship, that uniting band;

Since we here together no longer can stay.

Be sure you continue devoutly to pray.

Farewell, my dear brethren, belov'd of the Lord;

The footsteps of Jesus you'll find in His word;

Then follow your leader, wherever He goes;

Stand fast and unshaken, whatever oppose.

The time is approaching, when Christ shall appear

In glory, and then all His saints shall be there;

No fear then of parting, or grief, or complaint.

Shall ever be heard from the tongue of a saint.

But praise and thanksgivings shall be our employ;

Our souls always feasting, yet never shall cloy

New scenes then unfolding new joys will afford:

All glory, and honor, and praise to the Lord.

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