Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #479: Brethren, We Have Met Again

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479 ( John Leland

Brethren, we have met again;

Let us join to pray and sing.

Jesus as the Saviour reigns;

Praise Him in the highest strains!

Many days and weeks are past

Since we met together last,

Yet, our lives do still remain:

Here on earth we meet again.

Many of our friends are gone

To their long eternal home:

They have left us here below;

Soon we after them shall go.

Brethren, tell me how you do.

Does your love continue true?

Are you waiting for your King,

When He shall return again?

Gracious is the Lord indeed

To my soul in time of need;

Surely He hath won my heart;

May I choose Him for my part?

"Jesus is my glorious King,"

May our hearts be tuned to sing;

Praise Him, love Him evermore;

He's the God whom we adore.

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