Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #481: Heav'Nly Raptures Fill My Soul

Hymn #480 Hymn #482

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481 (

Heav'nly raptures fill my soul

While I gaze on Jesus' tomb;

There no waves of trouble roll,

In its bosom there is room.

Long I sought, but sought in vain,

How I might evade His call,

'Til at length my will was slain:

Jesus now is all in all.

Precious souls who linger still,

Or who wait for clearer light,

All that's wanting is a will —

Gospel truth is shining bright.

Take the Bible, read with care,

Heed no arguments beside:

Follow Jesus, live in pray'r,

Let His counsels be your guide.

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