Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #482: Jesus, In Humble, Grateful Praise

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482 (L.M.) John R. Daily

Jesus, in humble, grateful praise,

Our feeble voices now we raise;

Of Thy sweet name we love to sing,

Our precious Saviour and our King.

Oh! fill our hearts with love divine,

And let Thy Spirit in us shine;

Remove the clouds, bid darkness flee,

That we may truly worship Thee.

The best devotion we bestow

Is only vain and formal show

Unless Thy presence, Lord, we feel,

Inspiring us with holy zeal.

Our frail attempts are all in vain,

Communion sweet with Thee to gain;

We cannot penetrate the gloom,

Nor into Thy sweet presence come.

We cannot raise ourselves above

The dark, cold state in which we rove;

We cannot, in humility,

Present our poor, vain hearts to Thee.

O, Saviour, come, to us draw near,

And banish ev'ry doubt and fear;

Our table spread, Thy grace bestow,

And cause our cups to overflow.

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