Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #483: I Love To Meet With Saints And Sing

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483 (L.M.) John R. Daily

I love to meet with saints and sing

The praises of my heav'nly King,

Rejoicing in the hope of life

Beyond this world of mortal strife.

Oh! blessèd season, happy time,

Of all occasions most sublime,

When in His name we meet to raise

Our voices in His holy praise.

I love to join with them in prayer,

The blessèd privilege to share,

And hold with God communion sweet,

While bowing humbly at His feet.

The gospel sound I love to hear:

Oh, how it does my spirit cheer!

Proclaiming Christ the only way

To realms of everlasting day.

Indeed, a glorious feast is this,

To mingle in such heav'nly bliss,

To taste the sweets of love divine,

And feel that endless joys are mine.

If fellowship is such below

Where we in part alone can know,

What shall we say of that sweet rest

Where we shall be forever blest?

No sin will there disturb our joy,

No grievous cares or pain annoy.

With bliss untold our voice we'll raise

In one harmonious song of praise.

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