Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #491: Christians, If Your Hearts Are Warm

Hymn #490 Hymn #492

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491 ( John Leland

Christians, if your hearts are warm,

Ice and snow can do no harm;

If by Jesus you are prized,

Rise, believe, and be baptized.

Jesus drank the gall for you,

Bore the curse for sinners due;

Children, prove your love to Him,

Never fear the frozen stream.

Never shun the Saviour's cross,

All on earth is worthless dross;

If the Saviour's love you feel

Let the world behold your zeal.

Fire is good to warm the soul,

Water purifies the foul;

Fire and water both agree

Winter soldiers never flee.

Ev'ry season of the year,

Let your worship be sincere;

When the storm prevents your roam,

Serve your gracious Lord at home.

Read His sacred word by day,

Ever watching, always pray;

Meditate His law by night,

This will give you great delight.

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