Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #494: To Thy House, As We Repair

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494 ( James Montgomery

To Thy house, as we repair,

Lord, we love to worship there;

There, within the veil, we meet

Thee upon the mercy-seat.

While Thy glorious name is sung,

Tune our lips, unloose our tongue;

Then our joyful souls shall bless

Thee, the Lord, our Righteousness.

While to Thee our pray'rs ascend,

Let Thine ear in love attend;

Hear us when Thy Spirit pleads,

Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

While Thy word is heard with awe,

While we tremble at Thy law,

Let Thy gospel's wondrous love

Ev'ry doubt and fear remove.

From Thy house when we return,

Let our hearts within us burn;

That at evening we may say,

"We have walked with God today."

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