Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #495: Lord, In Humble, Sweet Submission

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495 ( Robert Daniel

Lord, in humble, sweet submission,

Here we meet to follow Thee;

Trusting in Thy great salvation,

Which alone can make us free.

Nought have we to claim as merit;

All the duties we can do

Can no crown of life inherit:

All the praise to Thee is due.

Yet we come in Christian duty,

Down beneath the wave to go;

Oh, the bliss! the heav'nly beauty:

Christ the Lord was buried so!

Come, ye children of the kingdom,

Follow Him beneath the wave;

Rise, and show His resurrection,

And proclaim His pow'r to save.

Is there here a weeping Mary,

Waiting near the Saviour's tomb,

Heavy-laden, sick and weary,

Crying, "Oh, that I could come!"

Welcome, all ye friends of Jesus,

Welcome in His church below;

Venture wholly on the Saviour,

Come, and with His people go.

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