Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #502: Awake, My Heart, My Soul, Arise

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502 (L.M.) Susannah Harrison

Awake, my heart, my soul, arise!

This is the day believers prize;

Improve this Sabbath, then, with care;

Another may not be Thy share.

O, solemn thought! — Lord, give me pow'r

Wisely to fill up ev'ry hour.

O, for the wings of faith and love

To bear my heart and soul above.

Jesus, assist, nor let me fail

To worship Thee within the veil,

To glorify Thy matchless grace,

To see the beauties of Thy face!

Be with me in Thy house today,

And tune my heart to praise and pray.

Command Thy word to fall like dew,

Refreshing, quick'ning me anew.

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