Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #503: Down By The Waterside We Meet

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503 (L.M.)

Down by the waterside we meet

To tread the path that Jesus trod;

His name to us is ever sweet:

We follow Him — He is our God.

In Matthew third, there we behold,

John did immerse the Son of God;

Laid Him beneath the yielding wave,

An emblem of His future grave.

Out of the water up He came;

Dear converts, come and do the same;

His resurrection here we see,

Our death to sin — our liberty.

Buried in baptism with our Lord,

To life we rise, obey His word,

And soon our mould'ring dust shall rise

Like Him, and meet Him in the skies.

Come, precious souls that love the Lord;

Fulfill this rite; obey His word.

With cheerful hearts join in His praise,

And love and serve Him all your days.

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