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Hymn #512: The Cross Of Christ Inspires My Heart

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512 (C.M.)

The cross of Christ inspires my heart

To sing redeeming grace;

Awake, my soul, and bear a part

In my Redeemer's praise!

Oh, what can be compared to Him

Who died upon the tree?

This is my dear delightful theme,

That Jesus died for me.

When at the table of the Lord

We humbly take our place,

The death of Jesus we record

With love and thankfulness.

These emblems bring my Lord to view

Upon the bloody tree;

My soul believes and feels it true

That Jesus died for me.

His body broken, nailed and torn,

And stained with streams of blood;

His spotless soul was left forlorn,

Forsaken of His God.

'Twas then His Father gave the stroke

That justice did decree;

All nature felt the dreadful shock,

When Jesus died for me.

My guilt was on my surety laid,

And therefore He must die;

His soul a sacrifice was made

For such a worm as I.

Was ever love so great as this?

Was ever grace so free?

This is my glory, joy, and bliss:

That Jesus died for me!

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