Old-Line Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book

Hymn #513: The Hour Of Pray'R Once More Is Come

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513 (C.M.) Samuel Medley

The hour of pray'r once more is come,

And here again we meet;

Thanks to Thy name, there yet is room

To bow beneath Thy feet.

Our God, our Hope, our heav'nly Friend,

Our Father and our All,

Our first great Cause, and last great End,

On Thee for help we call.

The helpless, poor and needy soul,

The tempted and distressed,

Dear Lord, relieve, support, make whole,

And calm the troubled breast.

The faith and hope, the joy and love,

Of all Thy saints increase;

Hardness and prejudice remove,

And fill our hearts with peace.

The sick, the weak, and those confined

Upon our hearts we bear;

May they be to Thy will resigned,

And Thy compassions share.

Father, assist their souls who may

Upon Thee further call;

Banish the fear of men away,

And smile upon us all.

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